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Kingdom Business Builders was formed to help Christian Business Owners build financially successful, Kingdom purposed businesses.


God's priority in our world today, continues to be the building of His Kingdom in us, and through us. "Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done" is the prayer of the redeemed, and we Christian business owners have a key role to play in God's Kingdom purpose, even as we strive for success in the world of business.

In support of this cause, we provide the following:

1) Videos and Seminars on the application of business management tools and Biblical principles to business (see samples below)

2) Help for Christian businesses  to address and resolve financial, operational and leadership issues.


About our founder and presenter Robert Fullerton:

Robert is a Georgia licensed CPA, with extensive business experience and expertise. He has:

  • Over 25 years experience in corporate management as a CFO and CEO

  • A successful track record in mentoring Christian business owners

  • A strong desire to see God's Kingdom advanced in the world of business


See About page for Robert's bio.                 Robert's email: 


Our objective:
Build the Kingdom.
God's Purpose for Your Business
I am a good person, so why do I need a Savior?? Part 1

Link to Scripture references: Why do I need a Savior

I am a good person, so why do I need a Savior??  Part 2
YouTube link to more videos
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